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Raspberry Pi For Beginners

What you'll learn

·         Master your Raspberry Pi, starting from scratch

·         Build a complete surveillance and alarm project with Raspberry Pi

·         Learn Python3 from zero, step by step

·         Install the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi 4 (also works on 2 and 3)

·         Use the Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs to control hardware components

·         Create a web server on your Raspberry Pi

·         Send emails from your Raspberry Pi

·         Learn how to use the terminal to get more control over your Pi

·         Take pictures and videos with the Raspberry Pi camera V2

·         Start directly with the Best Practices

·         Learn how to be more independent when working on your future projects

·         Get more practice with hands-on lessons, 11 activities and a final project


·         A computer + a Raspberry Pi 4 (also works with Raspberry 2 and 3)

·         A list of hardware components (provided in a free preview lecture at the beginning). You can still start the course without those components.

·         NO external monitor or keyboard required.

·         NO programming, Unix, or hardware experience required.

·         A will to learn and to progress with the Raspberry Pi


This complete hands-on, step by step course is targeting the latest version of Raspberry Pi, which is the Raspberry Pi 4. Note that everything also works perfectly for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 versions

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